What Interest Me This Week


While the rest of the world is still recovering from metaverse FOMO, I've been paying attention to how DAOs are evolving.

I can say much more about how metaverse is bound to fail but that's another post.

DAOs however is a stark contrast to that. It's a unit of organization superior to anything we have in meatspace. I have no doubt it will be the org of the future, not limited liability companies. Historically I tend to be right about such things.

It's quite likely that my next career move will involve a DAO in some way.

It pays to know how DAOs are charateristically different from conventional paradigms. Here'a few that I know of:

  • The biggest problem they have is coordination.
  • In the long run, they may stagnate after the core problem is solved (unlike a growth-oriented company).
  • Pseudonimity is modus operandi; remote is the only mode.

That's from the perspective of working and getting paid within a DAO. There's also the matter of investing in a DAO (whether you work in it or not) which is equally interesting.

There's some alpha in being this early in the game, especially you happen to hit upon a long-running DAO.

VR for work

I've always knew that desktop computing within VR is possible but this post fascinated me immensely.

I was doubtful that wearing a VR-gear is feasible beyond half an hour but this guy do it the whole day. He is solving for productivity not immersion.

I'm acutely aware of the downsides of over-immersion even if it works flawlessly. There is the non-trivial problem of prescription optical lens and the silly problems like being able to see your phone and coffee cup.

But I think though there is a whole dimension of experience I have no idea is possible until I put one on.