What Interest Me This Week

Street Fighter gym & the art of learning

At this point in my life badminton is about the only twitch game I play. Twitch in that it runs largely on reflexes from Kahneman System-1.

Wing Chun used to be it but it's not really a game unless you get to spar with different people and put your skills to the test.

Badminton was something I picked up as a kid, the fundamental learnings were done long ago.

Street Fighter is not that. Other than a few cliche moves I have practically no real skill in it.

That got me thinking about using it as a vehicle for practicing rapid learning. I wonder if there's something I could do that accelerate learnings in general.

As far as Street Fighter goes, I'm starting to do training routines. There's one called Gief's Gym which is the equivalent of any given martial art drills.

Some time back I read a book on learning by one Josh Waitkin. I can't say it's useful for learning abstract stuffs like investing. But a finite game like a sport, that might fly.

I think I'm a slow learner in general. So if I'm lucky here I might discover art of learning that's at least 2x faster.