Johnny come lately for emacs

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It's been about a week I code without GUI-editors (TextMate); sticking with emacs as the weapon of choice.

Not off my training wheels yet (cheat sheet); but it's a matter of time.

It's hardly articulate, there's some joy in mastering something even when there's no visible reward to be gained. Really, I'm not sure doing emacs makes me a better coder. Yet.

The only real benefit I love it frees me from needing any particular client machine to do my coding.

Even when the project/task I'm working on is rather ho-hum, I would look forward to coding again just because I'm imagining what cool things I can do with emacs.

I think this is about the only field where out-of-touch technologies (along with vim) are deemed cooler than any new kid on the block.

It's true, new editors come and go... emacs is here to stay.