Machines That Think

A modern cliché from the semi-informed: "Machine are taking over, we're doomed."

When the time comes, we'll remember this period for our irrational fear of machines.

“Us versus the machines” is the wrong mental model. There’s only one machine that really counts. Like it or not, we’re all — us and our machines — becoming part of it: an immense connected brain. Once we had neurons. Now we’re becoming the neurons.

Obsession with our phones is a simply a growing pain. Your UI to the ether world probably won't look remotely like a screen on your hand.

The pace of scientific progress is a direct correlate of our alliance with digital machines.

We’re reinventing the human race right now.

People also make the mistake of thinking computers think like us, and therefore adopt the same small-mindedness.

The most important thing about making machines that can think is that they will think differently.

Because of a quirk in our evolutionary history, we are cruising as if we were the only sentient species on our planet, leaving us with the incorrect idea that human intelligence is singular. It is not. Our intelligence is a society of intelligences, and this suite occupies only a small corner of the many types of intelligences and consciousnesses possible in the universe.

"We are as gods and might as well get good at it."