New Civilization

This is a repost from WritingPrompts.

I've been here for six months, exactly. It's astonishing that they can keep track to that precision, all things considered.

They've got this time and calendar system not that far off from the gregorian system I was used to. I dunno how they managed to come up with that themselves. This collective can't be around for more than a century.

I'm about to be evicted from this collective.

When I first found these people, I saw smoke and light from afar. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was hopeful and nervous at the same time.

Hopeful in that I don't need to be alone anymore. I must have been walking for two centuries now in search of new civilizations.

Did I mention I'm immortal? Well yes I should catch you up. There was nuclear war some time back. Everything was wiped out. Except me of course, I have rapid regeneration ability.

I've seen a lot of things over my lifetime. But this is a period of loneliness that unprecedented even for me.

Upon finding these people, it also got me nervous. Despite all the time given to me to prepare, I'm not sure what to expect. I can't predict how primitive or advanced they would be. Maybe they have to start from scratch like cavemen, or they've got working network servers lying around.

Whatever and whoever I found, I've set my mind on teaching them the way of peace. Because wars are too painful and they don't know it. They don't know it like I do. I'm not gonna let them fuck Earth up for me ever again.

As soon as I walked in the zone (it's not clear where it started), everybody seems to be on duty performing whatever they're supposed to do. I would've guessed they were robots had I not know better.

No one paid me any attention. I'm only out of place because I dressed weird in their eyes. I wanted to speak to somebody but I'm not sure what to say. I wanted to asked who is in charged but what if nobody is in charged?

I can't hardly speak their language to begin with. That one surprised me. Their made up a language that's mixture of a handful of languages known to me. I can make up most of what they say, but no one understood me.

Well no one bothered to. I'm embarrassed to admit that I expected a ceremonious first contact. All I got were judgments.

I was expected to perform duties like everyone else. No one told me that explicitly, the expressions in their eyes informed me so.

I tried dressing up like them as much as I can. Try not to be visually glaring. They seemed to be getting the space ready for some event, maybe even receiving something or someone. I tried to be helpful, whatever the next guy was doing I did the same.

At some point they're done, everybody sat down. Each of them quiet, minding their own business. I thought this is the time, I wanna get some idea on how to spread the message of peace. I should approach the woman next to me and asked something, anything.

She looked back at me like I was interrupting something sacred. If I was I sure as hell dunno what I was interrupting.

I can't put my finger on it but there seems to be an unspoken social norm that's foreign to me. That or being by myself for two centuries has destroyed all traces of social grace off of me. Perhaps I looked like an untrained monkey in her mind.

So I kept to myself, observing the group. They are anticipating something for sure. I'm worried whatever they are waiting for isn't something I like.

And then she arrived. She is an older woman, probably middle aged. She stepped in slowly, looking stern. The group were chanting in a low humming voices welcoming her in the most unenthusiastic tone.

As soon as she settled in, she started to make speeches. As far as I can tell, she's lecturing on morality and virtues. Nothing too complicated, basic goodness that kids used to learn.

Everyone was paying close attention like they're receiving a revelation. Or I am reading it wrong?

Out of nowhere the woman called me out. She pointed at me demanding I step forward.

I couldn't tell what trouble was I in. All eyes were focused on me.

Whatever this was I wasn't prepared for it. I stood up slowly, my hands were trembling. I was so nerve wrecked I couldn't speak. They wouldn't understand me even if I did.

The woman raised her voice, demanded that I go forward to her.

I walked slowly towards her, feeling every step of humiliation.

When I arrived, she looked at me in ways doesn't feel like I just found the place. She looked at me with disappointment that I didn't live up to some unknown expectations.

I could only estimate the next thing she said: "What did I told you last time?"