Paradoxical Value of Unlived Lives


The horror of FOMO goes beyond which new flavour you haven't tried; which new gadget you haven't bought or which new meme you haven't caught on to.

The essence of FOMO lies in the illusions you have about your potential.

We are always haunted by the myth of our potential, of what we might have it in ourselves to be or do… We share our lives with the people we have failed to be.

With social media, you get to top it off with envy.

In our unlived lives we are always more satisfied, far less frustrated versions of ourselves.

The yin & yang of satisfaction & frustration plays out supremely well when it comes to life unlived.

Our possibilities for satisfaction depend upon our capacity for frustration; if we can’t let ourselves feel our frustration we can’t get a sense of what it is we might be wanting, and missing, of what might really give us pleasure.

An unexpected takeaway: your frustration of your unfulfilled potential may be your key to satisfaction.

The more we frustrate ourselves in wanting something, the more we value our desire for it... But the worst thing we can be frustrated of is frustration itself; to be deprived of frustration is to be deprived of the possibilities of satisfaction.