You two can rest now, I'll be fine

Mom and dad at their prime

Mom died at the end of March 2019, after nine months of struggle with severe dementia. It was a total shit show.

Dad died in September 2019, heart failure. No one saw that coming. It was swift and painless.

Each of them deserve a full story of their own in future treatments.

Family was them and me (and Benji the dog for 18 years). Their cycles are done, mine has barely begun. My deadpool is now full for some time to come.

Nobody is a perfect parent, they did the best they know how. I wanna say I did my best by them too...

There's nothing like death that sets your priority straight. Brushes with mortality has a way of reminding you of what's important. Chances are this thing that is making you mad this very moment, is just bullshit that doesn't deserve your attention.

By the end, we should answer "is that it?" with a hell-yeah smile.