Prototypes: Why they matter

Last time we covered what prototypes are.

By now we should be clear that there exist no single you, there's only a committee of board members made out of prototypes grown within you over time.

As each of them carry their own sense of value system and are complete individuals by themselves, the only guarantee is conflict. When prototypes are in conflict, you feel pain.

It feels like a tug of war between art and commerce; between freedom and responsibility; all of which you believe in and there's no clear right answer.

Pains eventually hits when some prototypes have been driving the host, occupying your body and mind so much that others didn't get any driving time. These sidelined prototypes are team members fighting for their right to occupy you and never get their shot.

Playing video games all day makes your achievement-liking self happy, but the validation-seeking self didn't get any satisfaction especially with the lack of sex.

It's especially painful when prototypes are hidden. Unawared by other peers, they are unacknowledged but taking up mind resources like an undetected lurking spyware. These are hidden desires you dunno are frustrating you.

Without making them known, you dunno to feed these prototypes what they need. Worse, you may end up feeding them what they want instead.

A person made whole and together is made out of a team of prototypes who are in harmony with each other. To achieve that requires knowing yourselves, then the ability to negotiate among yourselves for the best outcome.

Like diplomacy, managing your selves is about compromise. No prototype gets to win all the time, everybody gets to win some of the time. Or else life is gonna feel zombie-like or a series of identity crises.

In the next post we'll find out how to flush out your prototypes so you'll know who you're dealing with.