Taking picture with Evernote is shit

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If you ever had the need to take picture with Evernote and driven up the wall, please tell me I'm not alone here. Specifically I'm talking about capturing documents and business cards. And to be fair, on Android. First, why take picture. Well obviously there are documents; and apparently LinkedIn encouraged us to capture business cards with Evernote, and they take care of business for us. Great idea, love it. Now you open up Evernote on Android, there's a big ass camera icon on the side, suggesting image-oriented note is a big part of the app. Click on it, up come the camera, tap and capture. Simple right? There's even document mode, meaning your text show up perfectly. It seems no one in the testing team actually used the camera before. Think about it, you first have to lay your document/business card down on the table. To capture it fully, you put your phone almost 90 degree above document. At this point you've cast a big shadow over the document. From here you got two ways to go about it.

  1. Take the picture anyway, hoping document mode will sort out the coloring and highlight only the text. Tough luck here. As soon as you click capture, the camera zooms out of focus, you text comes out blur. And no, my hand was perfectly still.
  2. Turn on flash, then click capture. Even worse, all you've taken is perfectly white picture.

And I kept trying. By the fifth time I thought to myself "why do I put up with this shit all these years?" Next time I hope I'll remember to capture with my default camera app in document mode instead.