The art of living in a hostile environment

[This is an original thought-piece by the author]


On the mild side, people are bound to disappoint. On the extreme, people are downright out for your throat. This applies to from the bloke opposite the street to the one sleeping beside you.

In the first world we're used to courtesy. But the real-world outside of the courtesy-bubble is too dangerous to be forgotten.

If you're living in a hostile environment where you're disrespected consistently, going away isn't an easy option; you get that nice guys finish last but you're not quite beneath turning into a jerk, this post is for you.

First adjust your expectation

Don't impose your code-of-conduct on others. The fact that you're nice doesn't mean your wife is obliged to be nice to you. So is your mother.

You treating people well is your gift to them; returning that gift is not part of the deal. You might deserve it, but don't expect it.

"But I'm nice to him" you say. Shut the fuck up, your school-boy mentality doesn't even work in school, let alone the dark world.

Honing your antifragility

A soft world raises soft people. A dark & hostile world is where strength is gained.

Being with hostile people puts you in a state of full awareness. You will have no choice but to be in the moment. Provided you've prepared your mind for it.

Preparing for it is a matter for anticipating the worst in every situation.

While in the moment, that is where real training happens. You can either practice turning your anger into indifference; hone your reflexes for snappy comebacks; or god-forbid, stand up for yourself.

The fear of constant hostility will be debilitating at first, but managing it well while moving forward will be the mark of progress.

What doesn't kill you... you know what they say.

Opting out

But keep in mind that when you choose not to run, you pay the price of spending your finite brain-juice handling hostilities. Hostility does deplete you overtime, and keeps you from progressing to the next-level.

Quiting just when the going gets tough is for wimps. But use your wisdom, when the price outweighs the benefits, get your ass out.


The difficult bit about the art of living in a hostile environment isn't about learning what to do.

It's facing the flactrum that the rest of the world isn't choosing to see the world like you see them, all sugars and spices.

Accepting that most of the world sees you as shit doesn't make it true.