The Book No One Read

The original author of Solaris has apparently has apparently a lot more thought-provoking pieces in Summa Technologiae than anyone care to find out.

Written in the early 60s, he made up words that didn't quite get picked up.

In Lem’s lexicon, virtual reality was “phantomatics,” molecular nanotechnology was “molectronics,” cognitive enhancement was “cerebromatics,” and biomimicry and the creation of artificial life was “imitology.” He had even coined a term for search-engine optimization, a la Google: “ariadnology.” The path to advanced artificial intelligence he called the “technoevolution” of “intellectronics.”

He prophecises that technology-driven feedback loop, while increasing humanity's resilience against nature's wrath, will reach an "information barrier" too vast for human to process, and exponential growth in science and technology come to a stop. It's a developmental crisis that we may never recover from.

Sound familiar: Chinese civilization.

The only way out then, he thinks, is “automatization of cognitive processes”, otherwise known to us as beyond-human artificial intelligence. And he wound up describing The Singularity all in his own words.

Doing so is not about billion-dollar exits.

... humans, as imperfect as we are, shall always strive to progress and improve, seeking out all that is beautiful and possible rather than what may be merely convenient and profitable.