Three capitalisms: yeoman, corporate, and supercapitalism

I’m going to put forward the idea, here, that what we call capitalism in the United States is actually an awkward, loveless ménage à trois *between three economic systems, each of which considers itself to be the true capitalism, but all three of which are quite different.*Yeoman (or lifestyle) capitalism is the most principled variety of the three, focused on building businesses to improve one’s life or community. The yeoman capitalist plays by the rules and lives or dies by her success on the market. Second, there’s the corporate *capitalism whose internal behavior smells oddly of a command economy, and that often seeks to control the market. Corporate capitalism is about holding position and keeping with the expectations of office– not markets *per se. Finally, there is supercapitalism whose extra-economic fixations actually render it more like feudalism than any other system and exerts even more control, but at a deeper and more subtle level, than the corporate kind.