Ways to think about cars

Though a foregone conclusion but barely known, self-driving cars will be the norm, and you probably won't need to own you car unless you really want to.

And here's a few things more down the rabbit hole.

  • Electric cars get more electronical than mechanical; barriers to building them get lowered, boutique car manufacturers starts popping up like Android devices.
  • Cars mostly owned by fleets (Uber et al, rentals, etc) are dictated by ROIs; what you care about design today may not even cross their minds. In other words, you'll probably be riding ugly cars.
  • Parking spots stop becoming a necessity, since cars are constantly on the move.
  • On-demand services (O2o) increase in volume.
  • Mobile OSs (iOS & Android for now) are replacing the steering. You hustlers, start thinking platforms.

Something of my own to add.

  • Cars wear and tear much more frequently; raising maintenance cost. However that doesn't mean neighbourhood workshops get more business, but it does mean reduced car lifespan, making up for the loss of car sales to individuals.
  • Here's a stretch, primary real estate stop rising in value as commute gets less painful.