Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are terrible


Somehow I was fortunate enough to run 1.5 decade of software career without being immersed in a scrum team (safe for a week in Rocket Internet Australia).

But I did suffer the acute frustration from an agile development lifestyle in TribeHired, without knowing why I felt angry and even thinking I was being unreasonable for feeling that.

Atomized user stories aren’t good for engineers’ careers. By age 30, you’re expected to be able to show that you can work at the whole-project level, and that you’re at least ready to go beyond such a level into infrastructure, architecture, research, or leadership. While Agile/Scrum experience makes it somewhat easier to get junior positions, it eradicates even the possibility of work that’s acceptable for a mid-career or senior engineer.

Church highlights the peril of using a workflow that's designed for emergencies in everyday situation. The logic of "if it's good enough for emergencies, it's good enough for everyday" doesn't hold water.