Why flactrum matters

A flactrum is a knowledge so profound it elicits discomfort in the new recipient. Depending on the state of mind of the recipient, this knowledge though truthful, might hurt him in ways that is unpredictable.

So why is flactrum so important it's worth the risk? Because the Truth shall set you free.

But flactrum is a Truth like no other. Upon discovery of a flactrum, a new recipient can't help but feel the betrayal of a collective conspiracy that has imprisoned him all these while.

Flactrum as a form of Truth is free of dogmas, political correctness, conventions, traditions, and cognitive biases. Very often it stems directly from them as a counter fact.

Flactrum frees you from that shackle and allows you to seek out further Truths. It opens up possibilities that have never entered your mind.

To some people, it's an aha-moment. To many, it's a life-changing event.

Flactrums are what civilizations are built on. The theory of evolution was once a flactrum; Galileo too suffered the danger of revealing a flactrum; Socrates died for it.

Truth-seekers are not always rewarded. Of the list of traditional virtues, telling the Truth can hardly be found. No, that's not the same thing as telling the truth.

The freedom gained and the enlightenment achieved is its own reward.