Work Hard You'll Get There Eventually (hint: no you won't)

In a nutshell, what Jack suggests is to work hard and over deliver, impress your boss (with “shock and awe” no less) and make yourself valuable to your company. It makes a good sound bite, but this advice is, at best, a placebo to make you feel like you are being proactive in managing your career, and, at worse, a slow poison that will prolong your servitude to the corporate machine.

Let’s begin with his advice to work hard and over deliver. The truth is, working hard only makes you stand out when you are the only one doing it. Everyone who gets ahead works hard. It is not a strategy; it’s table stakes. Unless you live at the office, you will likely never be the first to arrive, the last to leave or the one who produces the highest volume of work. Your determination to out deliver your hard working colleagues is more likely to land you on a therapist’s couch than in the executive suite.