Zak needs votes

image0… but he doesn't have ideas. His political opponents do, but those ideas are too 'smart'.

Zak's market has no time for convoluted and abstract thoughts like freedom and curiosity (he doesn't understand them anyway), but Zak does know sales. His KPI is not to persuade everyone; he just has to do enough.

Appearing holy is easy. Zak imposes ban on short sleeves; forces fasting on non-believers. It starts working.

Zak ups his game by staging arson attacks on his praying sites, stoking animosity, dividing his market, clearing out the fence-sitting voters. His support base grows by leaps and bounds.

Come the time for election, Zak expects to nail it. In an abrupt turn his conservative ruling party announces that election be cancelled to maintain social order, stability and effective government. The silent majority agrees.

Zak's bosses are now the same; but he can't tell if he gets to keep his job. The old game is no more, Zak's side won.

But he is not sure if he won.

Original fiction by the author