What Interest Me This Week

Coining new terms as thinking-tool

A continuing thread on thinking-tools. If new or complicated concepts are bootstraps to build new thoughts, then it goes that coining of new phrases is helpful in packaging a combo of ideas into one reference point.

Doing so before digital era however is immensely difficult both for the reader and writer. Definition was done in one place, usage in another.

A superior writing tool should house them into the same place.

If the writing and publishing tool allows for painless phrase-creation and easy reference to coined-terms, we've taken one friction away from doing so.

A feature in emacs not widely known called radio-target is appealing for this. By wrapping your <<<text>>> this way, all instances of text will link to that.

This is great for execution but that tell us when and how to do coin something well. How can a tool help? Should it even be attempted or should it deferred to the writer altogether?

Getting semi-serious with poker

I play poker occasionally for mind-molding. My wetware is wired in a certain way when it comes to money and risk that is penny wise pound foolish. I believe poker helps rewires them.

Even playing it at noob-level and improved my investing. But my game hasn't been improving.

Now I've got me two poker books I'm supposed to comb through, first on the tacticals, the other on the inner game.

Being a CEO of yourselves

I've talked about the many you's here. I wonder how much far does the analogy for you being the CEO of yourselves goes before it breaks.

From that angle, I sometimes get the feeling I'm equivalent of Nokia at the end of its prime just by looking at my to-do list.

The business books tell you to focus. Look at the casualty list of companies that did not. I wonder does it work the same for humans. If so then where is the line where that doesn't apply. If not then what is the alternative analogy for managing multiple pursuits?